Cliff Bell's | Cover Charge
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What’s the cover?

Weeknight performances at Cliff Bell’s are typically free of charge.  For weekend performances and special events, there is usually a cover charge collected at the door beginning around 7:30 p.m. However, if cover charge is not being collected at the door upon your arrival, the cover will be added to your bill, or you will be asked to pay the cover charge fee to your server if you are at Cliff Bell’s at the start time of the performance (with a cover charge) .

If you arrive and leave before the performance (with a cover charge) begins, but are required to pay the cover at the door, you will be refunded your money upon exiting the establishment. Click here to view our calendar for additional details and specific costs. Cliff Bell’s does not sell tickets in advance unless otherwise noted.

Meet our doorkeeper, Rosie.

It is a crisp clear evening, and warm steam dances from century old manhole covers. Upon approaching the mahogany entrance, emblazoned by the glowing sign above, you’re greeted with a neighborly smile from the gentleman tending the doors.  Many have entered the doors of Cliff Bell’s, yet few know this soft spoken man who plays gatekeeper to the historic home of jazz in downtown Detroit.  Rosie has been with Cliff Bell’s since 2008, opening the doors to our guests each and every night.  Be sure to ask him about the story of the mural next time you stop into Cliff Bell’s.