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joscho0251Joshco Stephan (Geremny)


Tuesday September 9th
Free Admittance


Just 20 years old when he released his first CD on the highly regarded label Acoustic Music Records, his name was already known to insiders as a force to be reckoned with on the acoustic guitar.


His debut was named CD of the month by the American magazine Guitar Player and critics waxed eloquent about this virtuoso young musician working in the swing tradition of Django Reinhardt. This authentic European jazz form with its charming mixture of joyous enthusiasm and relaxed coolness offers the ideal platform for Joscho Stephan’s remarkable technical abilities. This fact is underlined by the high level of attention accorded to his CD releases.


On his fourth album “Acoustic Live”, Stephan showcases his mastery of Gipsy Jazz, accompanied by varying line-ups from trio to sextett, and simultaneously stretches the boundaries of the genre. It comes as no surprise that invitations to appear on renowned festivals around the world are becoming ever more frequent.