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wee live cover_hi resThe Wee Trio

Thursday November 20th, 2014
$10.00 Cover

“The group puts forth a compelling case that they are the ambassadors of the genre’s future.” – The Saratogian

James Westfall, vibraphone
Dan Loomis, bass
Jared Schonig, drums

Live at The Bistro is the ultimate blueprint of what The Wee Trio has been doing since their inception in Brooklyn in 2008. With three critically-acclaimed studio albums to their credit (Capitol Diner Vol. 1, and Capitol Diner Vol. 2 Animal Style and Ashes To Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective), and numerous requests from fans, the group felt it was the perfect time to take the next exciting step in the evolution of the band, a live album. With this album, the band has captured the otherworldly experience of hearing a singular, chameleon-like trio that can maneuver like a hummingbird, and in the next moment, thunder like a pack of Harleys.