Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 9:00 pm$10
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A Love Electric (US/MX/ARG) – Three nationality power psych touring the world sharing music and doing good

A Love Electric is a critically acclaimed rock trio born out of Mexico City’s jazz scene. Todd Clouser, of Minneapolis, MN, USA, Hernan Hecht, a longtime MX resident from Argentina, and Aaron Cruz, a Mexico City native, form a band that over 4 years, 4 records, and nearly 500 concerts, has consistently accomplished the uncommon, making music on their own terms and touring the world.

 “A savage guitarist, a merciless drummer, an enormous bassist” says Mexico City rock festival giant Vive Latino.

From cities throughout Mexico, the United States, and on tours through Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Morocco, to Panama, and through Argentina to Patagonia, A Love Electric has won fans and praise from critics for its energetic and altruistic approach to creating and performing. “Blistering”, says the Prague Post of the A Love Electric experience, NPR says “fascinating”, Time Out Barcelona “illuminating”, and MX City’s major newspaper La Jornada “a hit, one of the most progressive and important groups of recent years.”

A Love Electric are tireless supporters or arts education, performing and teaching in at-risk communities across the Americas.


How it happened

The band is fronted by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Todd Clouser. Clouser, Kansas born and Minneapolis grown, moved to Mexico City in 2011 after meeting drummer/producer Hernan Hecht and bassist Aaron Cruz. After stints in rehab in the US, time in Boston, Colorado, Minneapolis, US van tours, and records crossing genres, labels, and success, Clouser saw the opportunity to have a real, democratic band, and jumped at it, moving into a small apartment in the Mexico City neighborhood of Portales to be close to Cruz and Hecht. The results have been prolific and fascinating.


The three members of A Love Electric live within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. Once an instrumental group falling into the jazz genre, A Love Electric has evolved into a vocal fronted rock ensemble while still maintaining the spirit they see as essential to “jazz” : the spirit of discovery, and a dedication to ambitious inquiry. Challenge is what the band embraces, on buses through Northern Africa to indigenous communities in the mountains of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, A Love Electric is out, to discover, cultivate, and share a life of inquiry as the band lives it.


A Love Electric has performed at Festivals from rock giant Vive Latino in Mx City to Solarte in Spain, Winter Jazzfest NYC, and in theaters, clubs and concert halls from The Town Hall in New York City to B Flat Jazz in Berlin, Germany, averaging nearly 130 concerts a year along with working as philanthropists in music education.


Friday, March 24, 2017
9:00 pm