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CARL CAFAGNA & North Star Jazz blend East Coast Sophistication with Midwestern Grit, and take listeners on a thrilling and varied instrumental music adventure. The Majestic 3-horn front line (trumpet and 2 saxophones) and breathtaking compositions and arrangements are highlights. Band Leader Carl Cafagna, Berklee trained,...

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05 Jan Jeff Cuny Trio

The Jeff Cuny Trio, 5:30 to 8:15 pm, no cover. Jeff is finishing his masters in jazz studies at WSU and is a fine young string bassist. He is also the chief arranger for the band Midtown Sounds and appears around the city with Tbone...

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11 Jul Alexis Lombre Quartet

Alexis Lombre is a young jazz pianist who discovered early that the true essence of music is not just about what you hear but how music makes you feel. Her musical mission is to keep the ‘Soul’ in music alive. The recent release of her...

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