Cliff Bell's | jazz quartet
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03 Aug Zen Zadravec Quartet

Zen Zadravec is a jazz pianist-Keyboardist-Educator-Composer & Assistant Professor of Music & Director of Piano Studies at Marygrove College. He is a musical chameleon. Whether it is Jazz, R&B, Funk, Rock, or Pop, he plays each with a freshness and confidence rarely found in someone so...

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01 Jun John Barron Quartet

Bassist John Barron performing original compositions and standards with his quartet of acclaimed Detroit veterans Chris Codish (piano) Skeeto Valdez (drums) and Mark Kieme (saxophone).

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09 May Alex Colista Quartet

The Alex Colista Quartet features a mixture of standards and originals, with styles ranging from hard bop to hip hop. Alex on sax with Jake Schwandt on guitar, Rocco Popielarski on string bass and Kayvon Gordon on drums.  ...

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